Go on a Fun Journey Through Krystal Winkle’s Adventures

"Never reveal your secret power, Krystal. It’s far too dangerous
for you and everyone else if you lose control and let it slip."

Cover and illustrations by Debbie Waldorf-Johnson

Krystal Winkle and the Peacemaker of Kigali A Tale of Secrets, Magic,
and Jungle Explorations

Krystal Winkle has never befriended a silverback gorilla or little people who live on bananas. She’s never been hunted by albino snakes, confronted a soul-sucker, encountered a fortuneteller, or even a 150-year old Maasai Warrior. But all of that is about to change during the summer of 1970 when Krystal turns ten and discovers that, although she appears to be an ordinary 10-year old American girl, she is far from it.

After Krystal’s father relocates her family to Africa, she confronts danger and places her life at risk to fight injustice—all the while continuing to unravel the mystery of who she really is, how to control her hidden power, and what her destiny will require of her… if she can survive the evil which is right in front of her.

Krystal-Winkle-and-the-Peacemaker-of-Kigali (1)

Cover by Pablo Ricatti

Krystal Winkle and Galloping Giuseppe A Tale Of Ghosts, Mystery, and Cave Explorations

Coming Soon in 2022

Krystal Winkle’s harrowing escape from her new greatest enemy while trapped inside the underground graveyards that crisscross beneath the bustling city of Rome is only the beginning of her fantastical and dangerous adventures while in Italy.

When a bandit—the Golden Grinch—strikes, and priceless gold glass medallions start disappearing from the ancient underground graves, Krystal teams up with Giuseppe, a loyal and prized Lipizzaner who has captured her heart. The two sleuths journey deeper... and deeper… and deeper… into the tunnels and caves of this mysterious world to root out the elusive thief. While there, they encounter a magical Viking warrior, skeletons caught between two worlds, the spirits of long-dead pirates who sail the never-ending sunset, and mythical elders who dance inside the Caves of Yesteryear—all of whom give Krystal charms, potions, and secret information she will require to fulfill her noble destiny.

But when Giuseppe goes missing at the hands of an evil Cristalli, things change. Can Krystal rescue him, survive a battle in the clouds, and expose the bandit’s true identity for the authorities… all before her dad’s transfer out of Italy?