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Krystal Winkle and Galloping Giuseppe

Krystal Winkle and Galloping Giuseppe

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The second novel in the Krystal Winkle fantasy-adventure series:

Krystal’s fantastical ventures as a “Cristalli” resume as she journeys to Rome, Italy. It is here where she meets a prized Lipizzaner named Giuseppe who steals her heart.  Together, the one-of-a-kind pair of sleuths embark on clandestine missions to root-out a jewel thief underneath the streets of Rome. While here, in the tunnels of the ancient catacombs, they encounter ghosts, pirates, and mythical creatures who come to her aid in her quest to discover what her noble destiny will require of her. But things are never straight-forward for Krystal. She confronts two of her enemies and barely escapes with her life; twice! But in spite of her cleverness and courage, when Giuseppe vanishes, Krystal is up against the clock to rescue him, and catch the thief for the authorities – all before her dad is transferred out of Italy.