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The fantasy-adventure series, starring 10-year old Krystal Winkle, is inspired by Carolyn Roth-White’s love of world travel, animals, mystery, and happy endings. Educational to a degree, Krystal Winkle is a coming-of-age series with suspense and lots of magic. Krystal is determined to solve a mystery, help others, and restore justice. She is clever, smart, fearless, and inspires youngsters to develop the confidence to face challenges. Krystal’s messages are to be curious about everything, learn new things, be optimistic, be open and accepting of others, be brave, and do good in the world.

Always dressed for the sleuthing occasion, Krystal carries snacks with her along with an assortment of widgets, charms, keepsakes, and an endless supply of secret riddles she must remember in order to use the magical objects she has been given from the mystical creatures she encounters. As her stash grows, she brings these top-secret items with her as she journeys from one country to another, which will aid her in fulfilling the noble destiny bestowed upon her.

Each 200 to 300-page chapter book takes the young reader around the world by showcasing a different country and a different animal on the endangered species list (whether they be wild or domestic). By bringing awareness to an animal in peril, the goal is to help in the endeavor of removing an animal from the endangered category. By showcasing a different country in each novel, the aim is to help the reader develop an awareness of other cultures and to realize how similar we all are around the world.

These novels are pure escapism, thrilling for kids ages 9–13, and Krystal Winkle just wouldn’t be the girl detective she is without her hidden crystal containing magical power!

Krystal Winkle and the Peacemaker of Kigali – Adventure # 1

My inspiration to create a story about the Mountain Gorillas of Rwanda came from my own experience in Virunga Volcanoes Park, where my husband and I trekked to visit these gentle giants. Although Kunga, the Peacemaker of Kigali, is a fictitious gorilla, his beauty and wonderful attributes that Krystal describes are real. What I experienced observing these amazing animals in their natural habitat is that they are truly peaceful, magnificent, inspiring, intelligent, and stunningly beautiful.

Dian Fossey
Dian Fossey
Virunga National Park
Virunga National Park

For 18 years, Dian Fossey studied the mountain gorillas in the jungles that line the Virunga volcanoes and is deserving of the credit for changing scientific and public perceptions of gorillas. Dian’s invaluable work instigated the conservation of mountain gorillas that continues today. Thanks to dedicated rangers, the support staff at the Virunga National Park, the people of Rwanda, and animal lovers, safeguarding the gorillas in Virunga is happening!

Krystal Winkle and Galloping Giuseppe – Adventure # 2


My idea for this story stems from visiting the catacombs of Rome along with my fascination with gentlemen jewel thieves, my mild fear of caves, and my absolute love of horses, especially the Lipizzaner. The grace and beauty of the magnificent Lipizzaner are not nearly captured by its common description of “white dancing horse.”

The Lipizzaner’s courage, strength, and agility made a great warhorse. They were nearly driven to extinction during WW II. The secret mission, “Operation Cowboy,” is a true tale of bravery, daring risks, and a passion for the breed that saved these horses. Credit goes to American General George S. Patton and Colonel Alois Podhajsky of the Austrian Army, who teamed up along with brave soldiers who risked their lives to rescue the remaining horses from the Red Army. Two soldiers lost their lives during this undertaking.

Thanks to foundations that share their same passion for the Lipizzaner, this breed is being safeguarded, but they need our financial support as they are an endangered domesticated animal. Only 300 pure Lipizzaners exist worldwide today.

I have found that while writing is an exercise in creativity, it can also be a means to inspire the reader. The spirit of the Krystal Winkle series is to create stories that provide adventures that are wholesome, thrilling, and a bit educational while calling on my reader to tap into their imagination and raise their awareness of other communities in the world beyond their own neighborhood.

— Carolyn Roth-White